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The Full Story

"I’m always looking for new roles and characters to play."

Philip has a background in theatrical training and RADA (workshop) and started out acting with a theatre production company in classics such as the Comedia Del Arte. Since then he has continued to study, learn and evolve under the tutelage and guidance of respected industry professionals from recognised well known establishments. Although Philip started his career in his early thirties his passion for acting and the film industry in general started at a very young age and his multifaceted approach to life has enabled him to feel at ease losing himself to the wide range of characters he portrays. He brings his creative genius to every role that he takes with professionalism and accuracy continually working to elevate his acting abilities. Philip is always open to hearing more about any character/role in your short or feature length film and invites you to email him via the contact form to discuss any project.



After Philip's stunt in the theatrical scene Phil's acting career included corporate collaborations, short and feature films as well as TV projects.