Ludwig Van Beethoven

“Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets”



Philip is an extremely talented and diverse actor writer/director and creative director that believes powerful and well told stories can challenge perceptions and help to bring about profound changes to our lives by driving conversations and opening up a dialogue on the often complex issues that effect and influence us. He feels passionately about positively influencing viewers to recognise and grasp different character concepts and motivations, seeing different perspectives through the characters he portrays with an aim to inspire and embolden.

Philip has always had a fondness for great stories used to write creatively for his own blog, so at this point in his career he naturally took an interest in screenwriting. A self taught writer Phil has already written 3 screenplays. His first ever screenplay is the game changing action/scifi Alchemist X a screenplay so potent that it has already had an impact on modern cinema. His second screenplay for the short film The Job has a new director's cut with a Ryuichi Sakamoto(The Revenant) soundtrack and is currently entered into his international short film festival available to view now on the Beyond Yonder Productions vimeo page.

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